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Mhariam Altrincham

Social Media, Photography, Videography

Setup & Launch



Long term friend and now client Bilal Samed, head chef of Mhariam Restaurant worked closely with us the help launch his restaurant social media profile.

We also delivered on a series of photography projects, to coincide with his 2 page feature in the Hale & Bowdon Magazine, as well as several video projects outlining some of his most popular recipes, which was all together delivered on a large scale project for the restaurant during peak Lockdown measures.

The aim was simple, to spread the word that Mhariam was open for business (albeit socially distanced collection/delivery only) and connect with more of his dear customers using social media as a tool.



First steps for us to take were to get down to the restaurant and begin the photography and videography project. 

We took a range of photos interior, exterior and of the staff, pictured below. These photos would give us and the restaurant high quality content to make use of on their social pages in future.

After this we were able to begin setting up their social accounts behind the scenes, ensuring all profile information, imagery, links to 3rd parties such as Deliveroo was all setup before launching the accounts public. They quickly gained several hundred followers and with a combination of video releases, photography and images of the food - they soon saw a rise in online and telephone orders to supplement their service during lockdown.

  The Brief:

  • Setup and launch social media profiles.

  • Gain awareness and an initial follower base.

  • Photography for use online and in print.

  • Film & edit recipe videos with head chef for youtube release.

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